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What's weird about me is that I hated reading as a kid. Who knew I'd love writing in the end LOL.

COVER REVEAL! Wish for Love coming this fall!

It's here! The cover for Match-Made Christmas!

Looking for Beta Readers

I am currently looking for beta readers for my upcoming release of Match-Made Christmas in October 2019. If you're interested and want to give constructive feedback, I'm using BetaReader.io as one platform to find beta readers for this sweet romance novel. Sign up ends April 2nd and readers are asked to return feedback by May 2nd. Thanks so much!


It is available in app form for both Google and Apple app stores. App is free to download or use on your PC. Search BetaReader in app store.

My experience with Self Publishing

Here's a link to my latest blog post. I've also uploaded a new podcast episode titled "To Outline or not to Outline?" at anchor.fm/daria-white. Enjoy!

Arranged by Trisha Grace

 Arranged: A Clean Billionaire Romance by Trisha Grace

From the first chapter, this story engrossed me. I love Hayley and her spirit. She realizes her "dream" husband is just a dream, but due to unforeseen circumstances, she must press into her faith to take care of a man that doesn't want her around. Julian doesn't see Hayley as his wife, but her kindness towards him has him questioning her intentions.

I love Trisha's depiction of both faith and love in this story. Hayley and Julian are both relatable, but Hayley is definitely my favorite in this story. I love her strength, her faith in God, and how she depends on Him to help with her rocky marriage. I look forward to reading more by Trisha Grace. Beautiful story, with even more twists and turns to keep us readers guessing.

I have a Podcast!

I have a podcast! Here you'll listen to me personally. I'll have writer's tips and I'll share a little about me and my writing journey. Listen to a Writer in the Making.

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Check out my upcoming release, Match-Made Christmas! Read the first eighteen chapters here. Cover reveal for this book will be soon!

Match-Made Christmas

Is it really too early for Christmas? I don't think so LOL. Match-Made Christmas, a sweet romance, will be in your local retail stores this fall.


From the outside, Adrienne has everything any woman could want. But she knows what real happiness is, and it isn’t having a good job and a condo. Traveling home to her small Texas town for a friend’s wedding, Adrienne is hit from all sides with the happiness she hasn’t found for herself—her long-married parents, her joyful sister and brother-in-law and their two children, and her childhood friends. They all think she has it all… all except one.

Trace has been something of a nemesis since grade school. Always ready with a quip and happy to squabble over even the smallest thing, Adrienne dreaded seeing him when she came back for the wedding. So when Adrienne learns her best friend’s Christmas wedding is canceled, she reluctantly partners with Trace to bring the feuding couple back together. As they work together, Adrienne must keep from falling in love herself.


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I'm on Wattpad!

I'm on Wattpad! Check out link to get glimpse of my past work My What if Christmas Wish, and future releases, Match-Made Christmas.